Why Frass?

Along with nutrients, insect frass contains chitin. This is an important component for keeping plant cell walls strong. These stronger cell walls help plants fend off pests and disease, while helping them grow strong and full. It may also return beneficial microbes ingested by insects back into the soil!

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Frass vs. Fertilizer vs. Water Only

Frass [ 1 lb ]
  • Chitin

    Chitin - pronounced "kai·tn" is

    When used in fertilizer, chitin triggers the immune system of plants. The causing them to rev up and defend themselves against predators like root-feeding nematodes and diseased pathogens in the soil. The presence of chitin triggers plants to think that insects are eating them. Thus, causing them to build up their cell walls and release natural insect toxins as a defense. 

  • Frass

    Insect Frass = Plant Food

    Frass is derived from the larve and exoskeletons of our mealworms. We have an organic mealworm farm in Oakland where we harvested all of our organic Frass. Insect Frass as a fertilizer has similar benefits to plants as similar products like bat guano and worm castings. We love that we know exactly what goes into our frass and that it is local and organic to our home in the Bay Area. 

How to Make & Apply a Foliar Spray with FRASS